Letters to Finland (2020)

Directed by Sya le Roux

A Singaporean Short Film About the Apocalypse.

When I was young, I dreamed about the apocalypse almost every night. One dream in particular stuck with me: It was the apocalypse, and everyone was trying to board a train to Finland because it was the only safe place left on earth.

Someone announced that the only way to board the train was to produce a letter or some kind of proof that you had family in Finland who wanted you to come to them. I resigned myself to dying, since I did not have any family in Finland, but then I got a letter from someone saying he was my real dad and to come to Finland and be with him.

I held on to this dream for a long time – in my mind, there was a dad in Finland who loves me, and who would come collect me when the world ended.

Yale-NUS Literary Award for scriptwriting