Brudderhood meWATCH Television Series (2020)

Boon and Wil are blood sworn brothers in crime from their gang, “28”. When their gang abruptly closes down, the duo struggle to make ends meet and carve out a new life — until Boon hatches an idea to start a business of their own.

Executive Produced by AMOK
Directed by Jasper Tan

Ep 1 How What's Next?
Wil, a new "28" recruit, meets Boon at a gang gathering. The two hit it off, and become blood sworn brothers for life. 10 years later, the duo finds out that their gang is shutting down, and are left to their own devices.

Ep 2 Cat Mountain King
After failing several job interviews, Boon devises a plan to start up their own business. But first, he needs to secure their supply from Bao, the dangerous leader of an ex-rival gang, “Hong Sun".

Ep 3 No Money How?
While Boon deals with Bao, Wil seeks out his affluent family for capital to start up their business.

Ep 4 More Money More Problem
The boys open up their shop officially, but suffers from bad business. Baby, Boon’s ex flame, shows up and suggests that the reluctant duo to take a marketing course to improve their durian sales.

Ep 5 Pretend Never See
The store gains immense popularity from a viral video that Boon and Wil made, but the boys discover a secret that threatens their success.

Ep 6 Cannot Everyday Worry (Finale)
After devising a plan, Boon allows himself to be abducted by Bao while Wil prepares elsewhere for their final confrontation with Hong Sun.